Everyone Deserves Cleaner Air

The EPA has declared Particulate Mater (PM) a known cancer causing agent.  These soot particles, that make up the visible diesel exhaust, are sticky substances that collect in the lungs and cause health problems that range from asthma to premature death.  But the diesel engine has become the work horse of the American industry, more fuel efficient and powerful than gasoline, and can not be replaced.  Our diesel particulate filters (DPF) remove 90% of the PM produced by the engine without reducing horsepower.


                                                                Quality Before Volume:

An idea that Emissions Retrofit Group has applied as a core value.  We specialize in the installation of aftermarket diesel emissions control strategies for both on-road and off-road equipment. A quality retrofit starts with our sales team as they ensure the entire retrofit strategy is correctly selected, not only for the engine, but also for the application and work environment.  Quality applications demands correctly-trained technicians, and using engineering approved designs that are consistent and reliable.  Emissions Retrofit Group is one of the few installers that has in-house engineering with 3D modeling and stress analysis capabilities.  Our dedication to Quality is supported by our five (5) year limited warranties.



Service and Flexibility

In our commitment to serve our customers we have made our installation teams available for on-site installations anywhere in Northern California upon request.  We also offer a complete filter cleaning service that can include a deep heating cycle for filters that have been exposed to engine related problems.  This cleaning service is critical to the life and efficiency of a DPF, as well as the heath of the engine it is servicing.  Finally in our drive to provide the most healthy clean air package, we offer technical training classes for your technicians or operators.  The clean-air era has added many new technologies that will change life for your technicians, managers, and operators.  Ignoring that can create a drop in your equipment capabilities.